'Lo, she was equipped With perfect lips And so I begged of her a kiss And then a million more Plus one, I must insist Hold, did I, a blade The one I made Of all the words we once forbade Though it could win a war Within a sheath, it stayed Frozen, all the [...]



I still have every word you've saidIt's all that I have left of youBut don't remember whyI can't recall the day when they were newBut still I'm filled with dreadFor if I let them go, the memories would dieI still have everything I wroteA little stack of fading inkThat should have never driedI don't know [...]


Little turtle, Once again you've hidden in your shell Retreat, your favorite option I admit, you do it well Little turtle, Why, when facing such a simple choice Of having nerve, and using words You always lose your voice? Little turtle, There you are, obsessed with your defense When none was ever needed then And [...]


The stars were hanging bright like chandeliers The crescent moon was watching with a wink Silver, glass, and wine, and all the world could disappear So long as you remain with every blink The sky, a crowd of ravens to attend The hidden sun an orchestra of strings Playing subtle notes as you and I [...]


There she was as still as stone And equally as quiet For failed, had I, to win her throne By blood, or tears, or severed bone Where only words could buy it Silent, thus, she looked away With eyes that wouldn't meet me For failed, had I, her knight in gray I lost her moon [...]


My poetry is but a cut inside a wounded mouthMy pen, the tongue, that won't leave it alonePressing hard against it, till it's raw and bleeding outHealing, it will not seem to condoneMy poems are the tendons of these tired, aching limbsMy pen the boulder I roll up the hillBody screaming mercy, as it dreams [...]


Tell me of your shrouds and veils That seem as either clouds or nails So driven as they are - sometimes as crowds or wind within your sails Speak then, of your harrowed path As offered, or of barrowed wrath That's taken as it's giving you a sorrow you cannot surpass Ask me of the [...]