Take my book of shadows page by page
Numbers on the bottom corner signify the age
A world of cursive letters
Set like links in iron fetters
Left like footprints in the dust of this now long forgotten stage

Set them in the unremembered sun
Where the shoulders colder grow and “shall we?” turns to shun
A home of insulation
And accepted consolation
Where tomorrow is a song that still repeats what we have done

Take my tome of light and see it close
Where embers dance like fairies in a world that no one knows
A world of would’ve, could’ve
Played on instruments of should’ve
Far behind this tattered curtain where it never fully shows

Set it in the pyre, if you will
Let it set for seven years upon your windowsill
Where light can eat the wording
Of the good and leave the hurting
For the tome we fill with shadows is the one that we can never really kill



I’m holding you like broken glass
Inhaling you like smoke, alas
I’m soaking wounds in salt
“It’s all my fault”
I say in chokes and gasps
And all the while holding fast
Though why I never to know

I cling to you like rusted nails
My palms and fingers cut, impaled
Then dipped in kerosene
“I’m too unclean”
I scream and clutch to hell
But dream of you so much I fail
To fight the death below

I clutch you like a swarm of bees
My blood on fire, organs seize
Then into waters cast
“I’ll never last”
My voice a storm of pleas
And still, for you, I’m on my knees
My cries, regrets bestow

I need you like the blood I lost
When I decided “fuck the cost”
And sold my broken soul
“Just make me whole”
I said, “I’d gladly cross
Through glass and nails and bees and frost
To try to let you go…”