Everybody loves it when you smile No one ever wants to see you cry So dry your eyes in secret Dig a hole of sweet denial And pretend your world of woe is apple pie Everybody loves it when you're pretty No one wants your ugliness around So hide your every blemish Show the world [...]



Beyond the sorrow strewn Like pebbles on a path of poison Stretching out and ever on as if a melancholic tune Beset with lamposts made of noise when All the light of day allowed is what's reflected by the moon Were echoes made of you A tide of soft reverberations Building towers of elan above [...]


Words can hurt as much as heal Convey the pain and pride you feel Or else, your courage, they can steal Defend or decimate what's real Words withheld can mollify Or make us think it's all a lie Or leave us lost when asking why And silence is the one reply Words we offer mean [...]