How shall I describe you? Using virtues I ascribe you? With a magnifying glass To see the soul that lives inside you? With a pen or else a painting Knowing well it would deprive you Of the essence that I clearly see from my view? So then, how shall I assess The fact that words [...]



Slowly, softly Did he lift the veil To no avail For though he missed her oft And awfully He could not seem to prevail Silent, sadly Did he seek her hand Without demand For though he loved her, glad And madly Nothing worked the way he planned Quaintly, quiet Did he wonder when They'd meet [...]


If words were lipsYour skin, a godEternally I'd prayAnd pay a tithe of fingertipsAnd hope, for you, my worship wasn't flawedIf hopes were eyesYour heart, the worldForever I would stareAnd wear a smile with my demiseBeneath the beauty of your soul unfurledIf wants were wordsYour love, a songThen endlessly I'd clingAnd sing the music that [...]


Falling like rain It's you that I look upon As I come stumbling along To your home Like it's the only dawn A needed escape Singing your song With words that are lacking tone Stark white outside a world of bone Seeing your shape When mine is still unknown I tried to remain Like sun [...]


Let us say, for sake of saying, Else for need of fears allaying That which, dear we hold, for staying Was not prone to know of either breaking or betraying Static, then, and so consistent Moving not by words insistent How long till the bond is distant Ragged made by banes unwaveringly grown persistent Let [...]