Though oft I’ve felt that truly I have nothing left to give
That life’s an empty box that has ever closing lid
And all I have are dark reminders of the wretched things I did
I choose to live

Though oft I’ve seen my better moments draining through the sieve
Of frailty, fear, and fumbles that I try, but fail to rid
And though, for all the candles burning, shadows, still, are cast amid
I choose to live

Though oft I feel I’ve only matches when I need a bridge
And friend so often means a face that soon farewell will bid
And as I try to higher climb, you only see how far I slid
I choose to live

And though I’ve failures yet to come that many won’t forgive
And though I know my scars will never be forever hid
And though my best, to some, will still be met and married with “forbid”
I choose to live
I choose to live

Inspired by a line from “Gravity” by A Perfect Circle



I turned a page, and closed a book
I looked
The other way
And took a breath with only half duress
I took
And placed it on a shelf
And hid it half within a crook

I set the record still to hear
A tear
A growing hush
And with an ache for every damn mistake
I’m crushed
And here
I fail to ask myself
“How long until I disappear?”

But you return like echoes cast
A past
I can’t forget
A set of notes that lingers and evokes
For either what I’ve earned
Or what I’ve simply failed to ask

Yet every time I think I’m done
You’re gone
You’re far away
And I can breathe a sigh of some relief
I stay
I’m drawn
Compelled to thus return
As if a flower to your sun


How shall I describe you?
Using virtues I ascribe you?
With a magnifying glass
To see the soul that lives inside you?
With a pen or else a painting
Knowing well it would deprive you
Of the essence that I clearly see from my view?

So then, how shall I assess
The fact that words would seem a guess
And even as I use them more
I fear that they describe you less
As if your heart, a letter penned
And love the seal of wax impressed
And all that I can do is hold it close unto my chest.

How can I but I tell you
Of all that which I’d avail you
When the words seem very thin
And when I’m terrified to fail you
Even as I’d sing a sonnet
Of the storms that I would sail through
Do I worry that my voice could not regale you

So then, how do I convey
How far I’d go to just allay
The tremors in your fragile heart
When I don’t know the words to say?
But if I knew the final cost
I’d sell my tiny soul to pay
And if but for a stormy night, I’d barter all my sunny days


Slowly, softly
Did he lift the veil
To no avail
For though he missed her oft
And awfully
He could not seem to prevail

Silent, sadly
Did he seek her hand
Without demand
For though he loved her, glad
And madly
Nothing worked the way he planned

Quaintly, quiet
Did he wonder when
They’d meet again
He hung his head and sighed,
“Am I yet
By design, to ever pen

Questions, queries
Of my quest for you
And what I’d do
To simply have you near
To hear me
Say what you already knew?”


If words were lips
Your skin, a god
Eternally I’d pray
And pay a tithe of fingertips
And hope, for you, my worship wasn’t flawed

If hopes were eyes
Your heart, the world
Forever I would stare
And wear a smile with my demise
Beneath the beauty of your soul unfurled

If wants were words
Your love, a song
Then endlessly I’d cling
And sing the music that I heard
And hope, for you, I didn’t sing it wrong

For dreams are ink
And you, my muse
Are why I still create
And wait for you with every blink
And hope one day I’ll finally be the one you choose


Falling like rain
It’s you that I look upon
As I come stumbling along
To your home
Like it’s the only dawn
A needed escape

Singing your song
With words that are lacking tone
Stark white outside a world of bone
Seeing your shape
When mine is still unknown
I tried to remain

Like sun you’ve shone
White clouds as your cotton cape
Blue skies still tugging at your fate
I, in shame
Standing beneath your weight
My words withdrawn

Seeing it’s late
Your light still within my veins
You tell me I am not to blame
That we’ll carry on
Besides, I’m just the rain
And falling, I know


Let us say, for sake of saying,
Else for need of fears allaying
That which, dear we hold, for staying
Was not prone to know of either breaking or betraying

Static, then, and so consistent
Moving not by words insistent
How long till the bond is distant
Ragged made by banes unwaveringly grown persistent

Let us say, for point of knowing
Change unknown is future slowing
Salted land for seeds worth sowing
Ships at port, without a sail or any crew for rowing

So then shall we cease the holding
To the hand we’re loathe of folding
Fearing less our mental scolding
Chancing change by adding water to the clay we’re molding

Knowing tears will mark transition
Pain a guaranteed condition
Healing hurts as does admission
That perhaps before we grow we must endure abscission