I haven't had a "thinking out loud" post in a while. The ones I had before are gone now - I generally delete them after a time. This just isn't that type of blog. Nonetheless, I find psychology a strange thing. I find my own psychology a strange thing. In that regard, I can't honestly [...]



So let me try this again. I started writing this post already this morning and it turned into a poem about the new year rather than a straightforward narrative about the previous one. So what can I say about 2018? I wrote a lot of poetry. I still write a lot of poetry. At this [...]


So today is my one year mark for being on WP. I'm pretty sure at some point I thought I'd use this to have one of those "What I've learned in my time here" type posts or something. Maybe a video. Then again, I redacted most of my content on what wound up being my [...]