I've looked upon the world But never seen A single scene That would imply The truth of you and I Was more than just a dream I watched the winter swirl And looked afar Upon a star And closed my eyes And made a wish to try To end up where you are I saw, [...]



I thought beneath the shale The hidden layers and the outer veil I'd dig until I saw there was a person to prevail Prepared to fail But never once did I believe it would entail Seeing beneath my fragile skin was only scale I swore beneath the eyes Was something reminiscent of a prize To [...]


In vistas vast where rivers rolled And paper prayers were sweets they sold With kindest care, they give a gold Of wasted worth to crowds who cowered cold In simple shirts and blanket bare With hopeful hands and silent stares With tired tears and dire dares They bowed and begged to keep a coin of [...]


Honestly, there's not a single soul that truly knows me And mostly because souls do not exist Even if they did, it wouldn't change how many know me For every offered part of me is mist Layers upon layers made of shadow and deception My very face a true matryoshka mask Gladly, though, I'll offer [...]


With windows closed And thoughts reposed Where dusk to noon does oft propose An offered rose But often those Are not the honest options chose But thus, say I, Is dust to fly For what should be is lost or nigh When cost is high We often hide Where softened thoughts would ossify To sever [...]


Dawn it was the day she left With clouds and apparitions in her eyes Shadows like an evening gown And hope, a rose upon her chest To worlds beyond the one she'd known And longed to leave but feared to say goodbye Days were but a flurry cast And seasons but a flicker in the [...]