Riding rough and ragged like a rickshaw on a road
Made of gravel, glass, and cobblestone
Carried on in couples, and in clusters, with companions
To a destination that we reach alone

Where the hills are harrying and harder grows the trail
Weather goes from good to bad to worse
Handing out a solace in the sun before succinctly
Making every second step feel like reverse

Feet and feelings fumble ever forward on a trail
Littered now with nails and faded news
Trudging torn and tired seeking triumph through the trial
Where the end is rarely ever one we choose

Where the mountains mock us like a monster in a maze
Windows turn to doors and turn to walls
Leading us to ladders where we lower, feet so leaden
To a place we never tried to find at all


I watched forever crashing
In the limbs of fallen trees
And heard the desperation of the weary wind
Where time was set to gnashing
Leaving only old debris
And under what was lying dead, the living pinned

Those moments of requital
Planting wreckage in the boughs
Beneath the memory of what was never wrought
That sang as a recital
Like a kiss upon the brow
Of someone sleeping in the dream the rest forgot

I watched tomorrow shiver
Like a vagrant in a coat
Its fingers wrapped around a dagger of a spine
Erosion via sliver
Like a hand upon the throat
Of resurrection, choking flowers in the vine

A vision growing crowded
As if static on the screen
With a cacophony in turbulent descent
And growing til it shouted
Through the fabric of a dream
That would devour any virtuous intent


People speak of love as though it holds to given metrics
As if X and Y should always equal Z
And it would be alluring
Knowing outcomes so assuring
But it never works so mathematically

Gravitating all the same to traits that are opposing
Then, at other times, to ones we surely match
But never knowing clearly
Why we hold another dearly
What divides the ones we chase from those we catch?

Even writing pros, and cons, and merits, to assure us
All the logic falls apart, it always does
We edit what we’re listing
Adding pluses and insisting
That our love is something more than what it was

Knowing this, we still continue acting like there’s reasons
That with love we can assess what we should do
While never being certain
What should be behind the curtain
So we hold to leaps in logic and we all just keep pretending we’ve a clue


How far does logic lead us
And how deep does worry reach?
What good are words delivered at the lips of ministration
When we know there’s nothing true in what they preach?

I ask to know the answer
Of a question that evolves
The words of, “Are we there yet?” on a road we’re slowly paving
To a place where quandaries our work resolves

Where signs devoid of writing
Are the brightest beams of light
And every way is forward, every cut was predetermined
Otherwise, it’s simply chaos, cold, and fright

But that’s where logic leads us
To the pain of, “no one knows”
Where all the wants and wishes are a place we label heaven
And it’s somewhere none have been and no one goes


Softening the edges
Cut the overhanging hedges
And I see a scene I might have overlooked

Hanging on the phrases
With my fingers on the pages
Like I’ve found what could become my favorite book

Fighting trepidation
Battling my hesitation
And my eyes, they simply crave another look

Trying not to falter
At the candle of your altar
But I struggle and I know not what to do

So, I try conveying
What I’m so afraid of saying
When I look into your eyes of vivid blue

Trying all the while
To resist your glowing smile
Or to take the leap and hope you take it too


Feasting through the famine on a meal of bitter tears
To satiate a hunger unaware of what it craves
Marking off the minutes in a mission made for years
And holding on to fireflies to help illuminate the looming cave

Holding to a compass while debating up and down
And arguing the color of a sky we’ve never seen
Drawing constellations with a stick upon the ground
And holding to the fallacy that someday we’ll agree on what they mean

Starving on the banquet that we’ve made of efforts plied
And washing down revulsion with a chalice never filled
Burning promised bounties to defend the one denied
And holding hands before our eyes, we wonder when the sun will be revealed

Holding to a lantern while we fret the dying flame
And seeking whats to be upon a road that’s looping back
Begging for a hand, we fear to offer up the same
And holding to the things we wish to lose we never find the things we lack


Where the winds were whipping
In the deserts of despair
With balance, ever tipping
Like a set of tired feet upon a chair

Standing so beleaguered
Where the weights were there upon
The shoulders that were eager
To be free and see the weight forever gone

In a room attended
By a lack of anyone
The darkness, now distended
And the pressure, once a pound, was now a ton

Steps without a meaning
And the chair fell with a bang
Now quietly he’s swinging
Like a chime that held a song that never sang