How shall I describe you? Using virtues I ascribe you? With a magnifying glass To see the soul that lives inside you? With a pen or else a painting Knowing well it would deprive you Of the essence that I clearly see from my view? So then, how shall I assess The fact that words [...]



I hope I never see your faceAs decorated with so many tearsI dread to think of your embraceAs something that could ever disappearI hope I never hold your handA final time, or have to let it goI hate to think of your demandsReceiving less than, "Yes, I'll make it so."I wish I could forget your [...]


Let me tell you of a girl who long ago I knew Who had a smile like the sun And anywhere she wandered, flowers grew Her eyes were deep as galaxies, where stars forever spun Her every word was like a kiss I hoped with all my heart was never done Her heart was like [...]


'Lo, though I may speak of love haphazardly With measured leave Of all my given senses Unpretentiously, you have me here and weakly on the fences To the sweetness that is you I am defenseless as a leaf Listen as I speak of love as if I knew A thing of you Or how I'm [...]


When was it last that you walked through the orchards When last the winter snow danced on your tongue When last you walked on paths lit by the fireflies and moonlight And shadows weren't all you had in life to live among When was it last that night was where you traveled And stars were [...]


Is it sad how much of you I no longer remember? Or is it a reprieve forgetting May when it's November? It means not being mired in the season that has fled But what it leaves is focus on a world that's growing dead I don't know if I'm happy that I can't recall your [...]


Oh, but there are moments in the ocean that we sail Blue and stretching like a canvas More a part of us than land is Secrets lurking neath a liquid veil Even for the ships that we have seen and then forgot Either we feel like a lotus Or a broken thing unnoticed Free, or, [...]