There, as if drawn by the orchestral notes of despair Where strings are the echoes of confidence never reclaimed Violins strung with the promise of pain in the air And played with a bow that could never be tamed For eternity built it with only a strand of your hair I, as the listener, lingered [...]



Maybe I just needed to believe that lies were true ...Nevermind detritus Or the facts I knew would spite us I could look upon the clouds and see the clearest shades of blue And even lying, I would hold your words as true Looking then for signals or a sign or just a clue ...Nevermind [...]


I hold on to the make-believe The one where you chose not to leave The one where there, upon a sleeve, I chose to wear my heart and so I didn't have to grieve But then I seem to wake and find There's not an option for rewind Beyond the moments in my mind And [...]


The measurement of time I try to put it into rhyme As much as what it meant I try to put to sleep Commensuration folds As surely as the hand that holds And though I still lament I now refuse to weep The measurement of wants Becomes a count of merely once Because I know [...]


I dug into the snow with cracking skin And fingers red I wouldn't listen They insisted You were gone or you were dead And pulling nothing forth of any worth Or any dread I've chosen you And chosen to See evidence in every shred In tiny grains of sand and little stones And frozen flakes [...]


I felt a shore prepared to drink the tide And dreamt a dream forever meant for two And even with my shadows set aside How much of me was merely cut from you? I watched a window covered in the frost Of winters long ago, but never knew How many rivers for you I would [...]


Casting shadows dancing Candelabras in the room, where Only dust would dine these days Gone are the fair Gone are the dashing And we ask when they'll return...but no one knows when Hollow winds are singing It's a song that always sounds of New remorse for yesterday When dead is love And gone is meaning [...]