Around again in spirals now
With litanies like litter thrown
Where not for any moment made of triumph do we bow
To pauper kings and dying crones
Upon detritus covered thrones
Because we only stand as tall as circumstance allows

And so we set our palette thin
And worry for the paint we use
With brushes that we never touched and never will again
So canvases are left to lose
The portraits all bereft a muse
With signatures we craft of “Never lose, but never win”

Arrested by the view to be
Where, surely, stars are meant to grow
Our wrists are counting moments in a world we never see
And who we are, we fail to show
And why we hide, we never know
But hold our broken, hated masks and swear they set us free

But then there are so many days
And life is like a lost balloon
And here we are like children blinded by the golden rays
With fingers reaching for the moon
Where finding clouds would be a boon
But still, the road is dark and what we seek…it seems a million miles away


I miss you in more ways
Then there are words,
Than there are days,
Then there are verses
Proses, plays,
Than there are versions of the phrase

I miss you like a dream
And like a kiss
And like a stream
And like a wish
And like the beams
Of lunar light, or morning gleams

I miss you more than air
When in a noose
More than I dare
And more than youth
It isn’t fair
I miss you more than I can bare

Because I miss you wholly, deeply
Truly, solemnly, and sweetly
And I miss you painfully
I miss you loudly, softly, meekly
And I miss you every second
Every minute, daily, weekly
Monthly, yearly…
I miss you sadly, strongly, dearly
And I miss you so profoundly
That my heart, it beats your name
I miss you more than any poem penned could possibly explain


The words I write
Both red and blue
The words of light
Or just respite
They were, they are, for you

The songs I sing
Or never dared
The ones that sting
Because I cling
To ones, with you, I shared

The colors, I
The shades of gray
The question why
I can’t deny
For whom I choose to stay

The promise kept
And harder still
For though I wept
My heart, it leapt
For you…it ever will


Dear, I’m afraid you’ve been sleeping
And sleeping so long
That I feared you might never awaken

Oh, and what secrets you’re keeping
And keeping your song
To yourself out of fear it be taken

Tell me, though, what are you dreaming
And dreaming again
When you’re not in this place? In your palace?

Is it a land of new leaning
And leaning for when
You have emptied your heart and your chalice?

Is it a world of new angles
And angles that shift
Til the world is adrift in a spiral?

Is it one tired and tangled
And tangled to shrift
What is golden and precious and vital?

Dear, I’m afraid I was seeking
And seeking so long
That I fear that I finally found you

Tired and no longer speaking
Or speaking a song
That I no longer hear or know how to

So to your chalice, I scramble
And scramble so fast
That I fear I may never retrieve it

Back to your arms do I shamble
And shamble and crash
In your heart and then beg not to leave it

For, dear, I’m afraid that we’re dying
And dying so slow
That I fear we were not really living

But tell me, just tell me you’re trying
And trying to go
To the dream that was never once mine for the giving


There might just be a day
You’ll ask how many ways
I plan to try to say
That I still miss you

You need not be a sleuth
To isolate the proof
I’ll gladly speak the truth
Without an issue

It’s once for every blink
And twice for every drink
And thrice each time I think
I should have kissed you

And hope do I that one
Day it can turn to none
And longing words become
The day I’m with you


Let me sing you a lullaby
Somber and sonorous
Where in the lull – a lie
Haunting and onerous –
No means can mollify
Not when our yawning trust
Slips into slumber eternally culling my

Wants and my wishes
Til all but the latter
Are porcelain dishes
That fall and then shatter
When say I, “My, mistress,
My god, what’s the matter?”
You look away, silently, coldly and listless

To scenery seemingly
Far from my vision
So lost in your dream, and me
Lost in division
Til wishing you’d scream at me
Rife with derision
If just for a sign that your eyes are still seeing me

Sitting and weighing
And patiently holding
My breath, ever bating
And yet never folding
To moments frustrating
Or losses unknowing
And holding your hand so you know that I’ll always be waiting


Would that I could become nothing but wood
For the weakness of me to be naught but the leaves
And the figure I am be allowed to withstand
All the storms that demand that I leave and for good

Would that you shine but a spark of your time
On the sliver of coal that was given a soul
And too little a heart, and too brittle to start
Out of hope there’s a part of the whole unresigned

Would that I will so much more than I feel
When I hope for a sending of hope never-ending
That says to a letter, I’m heard for the better
And not for the fetter’s offending reveal

Would that you say but a word to allay
Give a resonant note from your hesitant throat
A compassionate tone in this world so alone
And I find, like a home, such a heart that would not turn away