The silent place where shadows sift
Through dust of ours in caverns clearly sealed
Where the motes of meaning seem to settle less than drift
As if defiant of the thoughts they might reveal

With eyes upon a picture blank
Where once, I could have sworn, an image was
Seems now an empty ocean, all the memories have sank
As if the sun into the night – it always does

The places left to see are lost
Beneath the precipice of what’s to come
For waves or recollection are now wearing sheets of frost
Until the many roads reduce to only some

With knuckles white as winter storms
Where nothing seems to indicate a choice
So do I sit in silence, as I seem to listen for
A past reminder of your once forgiving voice



Paltry were the hands of mine
When offering the coins of weathered bounty
As if to stop the flowing time
And let the eyes of others finally count me

Once among the ones who came before
And once among the ones who should have been
Another time for those who see the world as closing doors
But never for the ones devoid of sin

Grateful were the offerings
I gave as if a tithe of burning solace
To smolder while the coffer brings
Another cold reminder you were flawless

More than any brush could ever paint
And more than any song could ever sing
And far above and far away from any known constraint
Of anything this world could ever bring

Hands of mine were trembling
When pressed together asking for salvation
For you were clouds assembling
And I alone in deserts of temptation

Asking for a single drop of rain
Begging for a sign to see me through
Swearing on my heart to never say your name again
And knowing it’s a lie I’ve given true


Was there a spell ever cast
Or a series of words to instill
Within moments of mine
Something wholly sublime
Or is hell – to the last –
All the truth that I’m destined to feel?

What did the efforts provide
When momentum was suddenly strained
And the sun I beheld
Gave the proof that I failed
And so looking inside
Did I wonder, “What have I attained?”

Seeking a secret to quell
What had faltered and finally met
With the lowest of lows
An obsession that grows
Under smiles and veils
Like a harlequin mask of regret

So did the magic disperse
Like the ashes I needlessly clutch
In the hands of a man
Who cannot understand
That he’s seeking a curse
So this life merely shows him as much


Depression settles in
Like it’s sediment and sin
So does penitence recind
When the liniments of then
Are itinerant and thin
Not a semblance of a grin
While my innocence is penned
By the venom of the end

And where am I to go
When the terror and the woe
That the mirror ever shows
Ever clearer as the foe
Draws me nearer when I sow
All the error I bestow
It’ll bury me below
In a barrier of snow