Paltry were the hands of mine When offering the coins of weathered bounty As if to stop the flowing time And let the eyes of others finally count me Once among the ones who came before And once among the ones who should have been Another time for those who see the world as closing [...]



Was there a spell ever cast Or a series of words to instill Within moments of mine Something wholly sublime Or is hell - to the last - All the truth that I'm destined to feel? What did the efforts provide When momentum was suddenly strained And the sun I beheld Gave the proof that [...]


Depression settles in Like it's sediment and sin So does penitence recind When the liniments of then Are itinerant and thin Not a semblance of a grin While my innocence is penned By the venom of the end And where am I to go When the terror and the woe That the mirror ever shows [...]