Like a chime of waking, marks the time I think of you
And though our worlds behold a distance
First an hour, then by two
To me, it never makes a difference
Whether skies are gray, or white, or match your eyes of blue
Or if the moment comes and goes in but an instant

To the chime of each arrival, eyes would rush to meet
Your words, regardless of the hour,
Whether it’s goodbye or greet
My words a vine, and you the bower
Coursing as if fingers on your spine beneath a sheet
As a bouquet of poems offered as a flower

With the chime of evening, when our moons are yet the same
Between the moments of departure
Where new messages remain
As if a kiss, or fragile art, your
Image lingers softly like a dream I can’t explain
For I an arrow, and, my dear, you are an archer

Like the chime of morning, are your lips upon my own
As if a breath of resurrection
Or the feeling like I’m home
Beholden to your fair complexion
In this crowded world where, evermore, you stand alone
My heart a clock that chimes for you with such affection



There blossoms in her depth a fury
Chaos tethered by the reins of such a yearning soul
That sets her sun with such a hurry
There like shifting stars within a fire that she struggles to control

There, her veil of raven tresses
Hanging as the eve, or as a fog that meets the sun
That turns a stoic world to guesses
And the tourniquet upon my lips and heart to finally come undone

There blossoms in her eyes a wonder
Something gentle hiding neath her armor always worn
That like a wave, would pull me under
Leaving me benighted, on a knee, her name a vow I’ve gladly sworn

There, beyond the stretching miles
Hidden, yet revealed, like an eclipse in summer skies
It pulls, like gravity, her wiles
Like a set of strings so when she beckons, how could I refuse to rise?

There blossoms in her face a beauty
Nyx upon the earth, beset with oceans in her eyes
And calling, like a desert, ever to me
My lips an errant pilgrim set to pray within the temple of her sighs


Maybe it’s your stare
Or just your hair
Or just the way you care
And maybe I was scared
Or unaware
Or simply wouldn’t dare

To place my feet on edges dark
And tilt my head to hear your heart
And let my own enjoy your tune
By letting these, my lips of winter, meet you there in June

Maybe it’s your eyes
Or that you’re wise
Or that your words surprise
And maybe I was numb
Or simply dumb
And simply couldn’t run

To where you were and always were
And see that you were always her
For whom I always wished to find
For moons were in the way, and to your sunlight I was blind

Maybe it’s your lips
Or just your hips
Or all your clever quips
And maybe I was weak
And couldn’t speak
Or was afraid to seek

The place I knew you’d always be
The you that always wanted me
The path that could’ve lead to you
Where these, my winter lips, could finally say I care as deeply as I do


My fingers through your hair
And with a thumb upon your chin
Your eyes and mine locked in an endless stare
The words of an unspoken dare
And answers that we fear to speak again

Your gun is in my hand
And all the bullets in your palm
Your pulse and mine locked in a lost demand
A situation no one planned
I answer like a now remembered psalm

My hands upon your wrist
Your fingers wrapped around my throat
Your soul and mine caught in an endless twist
A song I simply can’t resist
That echoes in the words I never wrote

Your gun is my grasp
And yet my trigger lies in yours
Your lips and mine meet like a broken clasp
And only part so we can gasp
Like answers that we know, and yet ignore


Bind my hands and spirit like a pill
Ask of me without remorse
And, “Yes,” say I, “my dear, of course.
I’m yours.” I’ve always said…
I always will

Bind me like a tongue between your teeth
Ask of me the very sun
And, “Yes,” say I, “it shall be done”
And made, for you, a bed
Of clouds beneath.”

Bind me like a promise to your throat
Ask of me a moment true
And “All that’s good in me is you,”
Say I with bowing head
In somber notes

Bind my very logic with a kiss
Ask of me what I adore
And, “Dear,” say I, “You matter more
Than any word I’ve said
Or any wish.”


Often, so often
I’ve looked in the coffin
And found only cobwebs and dust

Now as a vampire
And one who’s retired
I’ve had more than plenty of lust

But now I require
A thing rather dire
A subject that’s hard to discuss

So sit there a while
And let me beguile
Your mind with a secret of trust

I wandered the city
And, oh, it was pretty
The lights in the dark, as they were

And there I did witness
So grand – I was witless –
A woman, whose beauty was pure

But, oh I must tell you
She saw of my pale hue
And fled from me, certain and sure

And so I went after
And sadly, my laughter
Did nothing but deeply deter

And oh, she was fleeing
But all I was seeing
Was something too lovely to lose

But soon there was sunlight
My vision had run right
Into it and I had to choose

To risk being boiled
Or cease in my toil
And, truly, I felt so confused

She fled and I lost her
I could not accost her
But don’t worry, dear, you’ll do…

I had no idea where this was going. I felt like writing something absurd. This is the end result.

P.S. When all your posts are one-word titles, you get to experience the joy of realizing that, oh, I already used that title…oh…and that one, too…