I miss you in more ways
Then there are words,
Than there are days,
Then there are verses
Proses, plays,
Than there are versions of the phrase

I miss you like a dream
And like a kiss
And like a stream
And like a wish
And like the beams
Of lunar light, or morning gleams

I miss you more than air
When in a noose
More than I dare
And more than youth
It isn’t fair
I miss you more than I can bare

Because I miss you wholly, deeply
Truly, solemnly, and sweetly
And I miss you painfully
I miss you loudly, softly, meekly
And I miss you every second
Every minute, daily, weekly
Monthly, yearly…
I miss you sadly, strongly, dearly
And I miss you so profoundly
That my heart, it beats your name
I miss you more than any poem penned could possibly explain


I do so miss our evening talks
Our words to link as hands
The night, a sea of sand
As if a beach where you and I could walk

I do so miss the thoughts of you
Your hopeful, bright ideals
The sun that night conceals
The samite shielded hand you offered few

I do so miss our passing words
Where ever promise grew
Like flowers cast in dew
From where the morning light had slowly stirred

I do so miss the song you were
The cadence of remorse
The never ceasing source
Of healing for a heart that needs a cure