I dusted off the dust and tried to see if there were worms
Beneath a countenance of confidence
While I, behind a mask of domino and actions obstinate
Sat behind a window wearing fog from all the softly whispered words

And picking at the pictures like the old, and peeling paint
Upon the obelisks and oubliettes
I wondered long on Ios, poor Ophelias, and Juliettes
Wearing gloves and monocles, and looking for a name, however faint

I emptied out the emptiness and drank ’til I was full
Using a cup of coded confidence
Where, like the hangman’s daughter, I was not immune to consequence
Resting, you, or maybe I, on wooden pillows over lands of wool

And chasing, like a chalice, filled with all I wished to know
I asked a question of a quandary
You answered like an absent word, “You never did belong to me.
And after all that was, and for the darkness that you hold
You ought to know
You’re gonna leave an ugly skull
After you go.”

I’ve been on a big Acid Bath and Agents of Oblivion kick recently. This poem was inspired by the song The Hangman’s Daughter. Good song.



Where was music playing?
Was it nothing but a chime within this music box of mine
I called a heart
I called it dark
I called it anything and everything that never could define
The melody that kept me swaying

On violins and cellos
And on harpsichords and bells and with a symphony that swells
As if an urge
Or else a dirge
I chose to listen to the words like a magician with a spell
Or how I felt when you said hello

Is there music playing
In the shadows of your glow beneath the you I wished to know
Beneath the skin
And all the sin
And all the peaks and all the valleys, all the highs and all the lows
And all the words that you were saying

With your words redacted
Like a line of ink that crossed out all the notes I’ve ever lost
And like a mist
Or else a tryst
I found myself beyond an ocean I should not have sailed across
To hear the music, and the song, and all the wonder in your heart before the symphony of you could be subtracted



Your melody – a windchime with a sad, familiar tune
Where winds were always waning and the sun was never strong
Like light that offered patterns from a slowly waning moon
And like a ship upon the waves
That chased the moon for what it gave
I tried to match your tempo, but could never sing along

Your melody – a bell that never held a pure sustain
Where storms were ever roaring and the sky was mottled blue
As if it wore the weight of all the rain that never came
And so umbrellas we forgot
What once were, and yet were not
I tried to brave the weather, but it’s just so hard to do

Your melody – a hand that, long ago, was pulled away
Where fingertips were reaching for a hope that faded out
And lips were left unmoving, never knowing what to say
Until the words were lost to time
As if a note from distant chimes
I tried to find the music that could banish all the doubt

Your melody – a sound that, even now, feels like a wound
Where epithets are whorls upon the fingers typing still
On keys that play a song that, even now, grows out of tune
From fingers that have lost their way
And lips that only know to say
I tried. I really tried. But pen and ink just can’t convey the way I feel.

I See You

Pandora is a complicated thing. I’ve had it throw bands at me that makes me wonder if there’s not some malicious intent at work behind the scenes, some line of code in their algorithm that’s commented as:

// Let’s just fuck with ’em and play something that’s completely out there.

But recently it threw this song at me, and it’s nothing like what’s on my playlist (e.g., Katatonia, Opeth, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Acrania, Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil, and Pink Floyd are some of the most consistent bands that appear…) and I was like, “huh…well…color me several shades of surprised…I rather like this…”

So I figured I’d share it…because they say sharing is caring. And I’m rarely either. So it stands to reason that I should occasionally be both.

Image result for straight face emoji

Anywho…here it is…