Anathema – Barriers

I seriously can’t listen to this song enough.


My hand is the air
As if to say
I’m always there
When you’re needing me

My words are all contained
As if a moth
That’s now restrained
Where you’re leading me

My pen is on a page
As if a wish
Within a cage
And I’m pleading, “See…

Me for more than what
I know you see
Below the cut
Below the utterly…

Dark, and broken thing
I have become
That never sang
How much you meant to me…”

My head is in my hands
As if to say
I never planned
For you to see in me

A heart to be redeemed
A word of praise
A hand that seemed
Ready to comfort me

The smile on my lips
It simply means
I’m not equipped
To see you leaving me

My hand is in the air
As if to say
I’m always there
Because I need to be…

Inspired by the song “My Gift of Silence” by Blackfield.