Realizations sting
For as we look below the surface
Of the kings
We think we are
We see a heart devoid of purpose

Revelations burn
For as we peer into the center
That was stern
We see the cracks
From where the fractures slowly splinter

Understanding hurts
For as we see the true reflection
Of the worth
We think we hold
We see no gold, just imperfections

So then is it cold
As we behold our fading function
See it fold
And show the truth
Of fading youth and slow destruction



Patience is a virtue
…Until you see you’re only waiting for someone to hurt you

Silence isn’t golden
…When it’s all you get from those to whom your heart’s beholden

And honestly the policy
…Of honesty is just as insincere as our apologies

Nothing here is sacred
…When everything you have can be destroyed, erased, or taken


We dance like angels
On the head
Of such a tiny pin
We know within
That we’d be dead
If at a slightly different angle

We move in tides
To soothing hymns
We iterate by fear
Before the mirror
That shows within
How low we’d sink to save our hides

We speak of love
So amorous
A scorpion’s bouquet
That we display
To pander lust
And hide it in a satin glove

I tire so
Of dancing now
To songs I’ve never heard
And writing words
Of broken vows
About a world I didn’t know


Have I so misled myself
And labeled the mundane as true perfection?
So convinced of honest wealth
In all the rusted coins of my collection

Seeing little stacks of gold
In all the wooden nickels that I’ve gathered
Underlining words in bold
In poor, prosaic poems that never mattered

How did I convince myself
Of worth beyond the quantified and valid
Thinking there was any help
Within illusions of a lover’s ballad

Holding onto glass and nails
And thinking that the bleeding made me better
When, the truth, I know and well
I only made it worse with every letter



You’ll see the smiles fade before they ever touch your eyes
You’ll see the earth surround you long before you touch the skies
You’ll see the endless plummet coming long before the rise
Are you surprised to realize I speak a truth that you despise?

You’ll see the people leaving long before they have arrived
You’ll see the cycle failing far more often than revived
You’ll see the offer given as a promise you’re deprived
Are you surprised to realize it’s more contrived than you’d derive?

You’ll see the ashes drift before you ever feel the fire
You’ll often find a Judas in the ones you so admire
You’ll see the truth is nothing but the perfume of a liar
Are you not tired of the mire of the days as they expire?

You’ll see the wonder fail before you ever wonder why
You’ll see the pain destroying long before you get to try
You’ll feel the chains and locks before you’ll ever hope to fly
So close your eyes and hold your lies when so say I, there’s no goodbyes


If not for whole
And not for half
I’ll settle for a quarter

If not within
And not by you
I’ll settle for your border

If not a phrase
And not a word
I’ll settle for you sighing

If not the truth
Or even half
I’ll settle for you lying

If not a hold
And not a touch
I’ll settle for you waving

If not a dose
And not a fix
I’ll settle for the craving


For the climb, we risk the fall
And yet we give our all
With so much gaul
Do we, with clumsy hands,
Drop every single ball
And try to stand so very tall

And with a whisper, do we call
For help or just to stall
As in a brawl
Do we, with swift demand
Find targets we can maul
Yet rarely land a punch at all

With the path, we reach the wall
And know the bloody scrawl
Shouldn’t enthrall
But we, with breaking plans
Find vision fixed and drawl
For all the damage that we haul