I closed my lips a final time Let whispers of your name Become the rhyme I never hoped to tame With wishes cold as mine I sealed them with a bit of wax Impressed them with a mark That seemed to match Your color growing stark Caressed in gold and black I closed my eyes, [...]



'Lo, she was equipped With perfect lips And so I begged of her a kiss And then a million more Plus one, I must insist Hold, did I, a blade The one I made Of all the words we once forbade Though it could win a war Within a sheath, it stayed Frozen, all the [...]


I thought beneath the shale The hidden layers and the outer veil I'd dig until I saw there was a person to prevail Prepared to fail But never once did I believe it would entail Seeing beneath my fragile skin was only scale I swore beneath the eyes Was something reminiscent of a prize To [...]


"Goodnight," she said one night, and that was allNo argument, no screaming, not another text or callAs if a drought emerged from what was once a waterfallA sudden stallI hit a wallI couldn't climb, or under, crawl"I miss you," I lamented knowing wellNobody would receive the words, but fuck it, what the hell?And maybe I [...]


They came to him, the king with crystal crown and crimson cape, With courtly curtsies of contrition and conditions of escape For lingered, he, beleaguered, long lamenting and alone With little litanies and lines of logic littering his home With weather always winter, lacking windows or the will To see a world of waning worry, [...]


I see you standing there A disposition saying, "I don't care" And yet I hear the words you wish you share Behind the silent trepidation Asking, "Would you really dare?" I guess that it depends I hate the feeling that I've hurt a friend But if that adjective is at its end Well, then I [...]


Honestly, there's not a single soul that truly knows me And mostly because souls do not exist Even if they did, it wouldn't change how many know me For every offered part of me is mist Layers upon layers made of shadow and deception My very face a true matryoshka mask Gladly, though, I'll offer [...]