If my nose were missing Would you treat me as if I Were just a snake forever hissing Just a pest that needs to die? ...Or would you so embrace The imperfections of my face And all the flaws I can't erase And see instead, the parts that cannot be replaced? If my hands were [...]



What need have I of you who swore, With passive prayers, the words of war? You once implored The strength of dialogue And yet you speak not anymore. And why should I have knelt to pray For one who seems to loathe to stay? You chose to say Such words of empathy But now, you [...]


I let the cursor blink I think Words emerge as winks Delete key All the courage sinks Fingers on the brink I slink Back away another day Defeat me Armor naught but chinks Still I'm losing links I shrink Signed and sealed in ink Retreat means Closing doors that clink But you You're still my [...]