I closed my lips a final time Let whispers of your name Become the rhyme I never hoped to tame With wishes cold as mine I sealed them with a bit of wax Impressed them with a mark That seemed to match Your color growing stark Caressed in gold and black I closed my eyes, [...]



How shall I describe you? Using virtues I ascribe you? With a magnifying glass To see the soul that lives inside you? With a pen or else a painting Knowing well it would deprive you Of the essence that I clearly see from my view? So then, how shall I assess The fact that words [...]


"Goodnight," she said one night, and that was allNo argument, no screaming, not another text or callAs if a drought emerged from what was once a waterfallA sudden stallI hit a wallI couldn't climb, or under, crawl"I miss you," I lamented knowing wellNobody would receive the words, but fuck it, what the hell?And maybe I [...]


What flourished underneath of us Like wounds we never tended Nor intended Actions that we both defended Never mended Grew infected and distended Gangrenous, and leaking pus And still, the blade we pushed aside Rejecting amputation And cessation Opting sadly for stagnation And frustration Finding no alleviation But we never really tried We merely watched [...]


Lacking will to thus remain Or else depart, a ghost she then became To haunt me as I haunted her With subtle words, she barely even heard And lacking any true recourse Or avenues, she chose to lack remorse And I, the same was lacking mine Like clocks with missing hands and yet they chime [...]


Casting shadows dancing Candelabras in the room, where Only dust would dine these days Gone are the fair Gone are the dashing And we ask when they'll return...but no one knows when Hollow winds are singing It's a song that always sounds of New remorse for yesterday When dead is love And gone is meaning [...]


Let me tell you of a girl who long ago I knew Who had a smile like the sun And anywhere she wandered, flowers grew Her eyes were deep as galaxies, where stars forever spun Her every word was like a kiss I hoped with all my heart was never done Her heart was like [...]