What’s left of us
We’d best discuss
The way that lust
And seeds of trust
Have circled thus
And turned to dust
And such disgust
We simply must

Decide to speak
Of all the weeks
We used to seek
So tongue in cheek
But often meek
And thought unique
Now gone oblique
Some old antique

We should extend
A moment then
If not as friends
Or means to ends
At least to mend
These could have beens
And make amends
By voice or pen

So here, I’ll start
And just impart
This paintless art
With painful hearts
And break the rhyme
As, so it seems,
I’m so inclined
To do for you
And always will
With every line
For though it’s true
You’re never mine
Just know, for you,
There’s no “until”
There never was
And I don’t mind
How long you take
I’m here, I’ll wait
So take your time
And clear your plate
And tell me when
A time and place
Through metaphors
Or through the space
Between the words
On broken signs
A knowing look
Or happy face

I’ll wait and hold
With coffee cold
Those stories old
I left untold
Like hidden gold
And there unfold
Whate’er you ask or need to know
Let’s meet in paths of heavy snow

Or fields of rust
And desert sand
While wearing cuts
On hearts and hands
Let’s sit or stand
And make it thus
For, dear, what’s left of us
We’d best discuss



Circle back to heaven on your wings of air and soar
To places I recall, for you and I were there before
Resting like a eulogy of hope that dared adore
As if an intersection where the sea and sun could share the shore

Drift into the wind as if a feather meant to fly
To consolations crafted like a letter sent reply
Held forever hovering as “whether” went to “why”
As exclamations made of you then punctuated the intent of I

Fall beyond the precipice that held your view to here
To places that are beautiful and skies are blue and clear
Made into the symphony I heard in lieu of fear
As if your words were an Elysium you granted me when you were near

Pull me through the shadows and the absent barren view
To valleys and to vistas long ago, for there we knew
The sky was never large enough to keep you where you flew
And all the same, I didn’t care as long as when you landed I was there with you


Tell me, should we fly
To where the days
So very gray can lie
Their head upon the rays
Of errant sighs
Where you and I convey
By empathy or enmity
The epithets of ways to vie

Something made of us
Or maybe them
Securing when to must
As spring on autumn’s hem
As we adjust
And so entrust the end
Of empty needs and vanity
To words of friends, if only just

Tell me, should we be
What then became
The very same as we
Would surely call profane
An errant sea
Adrift in wreaths of shame
Where apathy and lenity
Are efforts left in strained decree

From these ragged wounds
And leaning souls
Where now the cold consumes
And riddled them with holes
As we assumed
We could resume the hold
Of blessed, free amenity
If only one of us had told the truth



You’re holding your breath
And refusing to speak
Is it weak
If I ask
For a word, even brief
Are we past
Even that
So far out of our depth
That we can’t
Turn our silence to peace?

I’m weighing my words
And adjusting the tone
Like a phone
Hiding eyes
Growing harder than stone
When I try
To deny
What you’ve already heard
So I shy
From your visage alone

You’re hiding your face
And obscuring your trail
And I fail
To accept
Any words of farewell
Merely leapt
To collect
Any singular trace
Of reply
In your funeral veil

I’m wringing my hands
And I’m counting my steps
As if here
It’s been years
Since I’ve honestly slept
And I hear
Very clear
But I don’t understand
So I stare
And pursue your neglect


Tell me time had flown away
To places far from where we meant to go
Hidden in the branches of a sycamore that sways
Or left to bloom in coming spring, as if a seed beneath the snow

Say the tremble in your voice
Was nothing but a sign that you were cold
That you, long ago, already made your greatest choice
And placed it deep within your heart for nothing else would seem to hold

Take from me the wondering
The questions that would plague me even now
Drifting through the void as if a storm was thundering
But rain was like an answer you infer but always disallow

Give me but a moment then
To let, upon your world, my vision dwell
Knowing if I do, I’ll just return… again, again
For like a secret on my lips, you are the words I yearn to keep but fear to tell


I wonder if it slips
The fragile mask of you
That scale of two
Where weights are always shifting
And the parting of your lips
Are but the pieces left when sifting
Through the wreckage of the ships
You left behind when sailing through
A sea I see was never blue
And never new

I painted scenes of woe
On canvases of trust
Without a brush
In shades forever showing
Me the colors left below
But never ever truly knowing
If I see what isn’t so
Beneath the edges of disgust
For there’s so much left undiscussed
If only just

I wonder why I wait
As if, just like the sun
You’ll simply come
To me, with fears abating
With a key for every gate
And with a smile, simply stating
It was all a big mistake
And that I didn’t see you run
From what I am and what I’ve done
And have become

But here I seem to stay
Like canvases forgot
An item bought
And left here slowly graying
In your attic, tucked away
And on my knees, forever praying
Maybe this’ll be the day
But then we both know that it’s not
I’m just a fly the spider sought
And cruelly caught


Let me grow a garden just for you
Filled to overflowing with the loops of while do
Lush binary trees
With Fibonacci number leaves
That ever grow within the parametric logic while(true)

Let me put my heart into arrays
Strings of hexadecimal a console can display
Held within a try
Above a catch that could deny
With an exception given by the words you speak but never say

Let me turn my words into a sum
Hide my failing zeroes and confess you are the one
Override the switch
Delete the cases that exist
For my default condition without you is equivalent to none

Let me parse the words I’ve thus implied
Disregard exceptions where the code would not abide
Seeing, in them, you
The fragile threads created new
For when you left the way you did, my heart, by zero, did divide