Her words are like a trumpet ringing clear
I hold them, oh, I hold them, like it’s heaven in my ear
And try, my god I try, to answer clear
But words are like a drop of rain
They fall and land, but don’t remain
And what they could have been…it doesn’t matter…they just disappear

And still, I try to speak them all the same
While fearing they’ll be heard, but lack the strength to thus remain
I say them as if words could make me sane
And yet they never seem to hold
The light you need when life is cold
And so I see you shiver and the only thing I know to feel is shame

Her words are like a beacon in the sea
I follow, oh, I follow, like they’re only meant for me
And so I tell myself I have a key
That promises an avenue
Where you and I are me and you
And hold, do I, illusions of a world where me and you are truly we

And disregard the chasms and the crows
I wrap my arms around the highs and try to disregard the lows
And seal your name in rhymes and written prose
That never really mean as much
As but a fragment of your touch
And still, my goddess, still, I wish my words could simply wash away your woes



When she breathes, it’s cotton
Spun around this world of mine forgotten
Webs of gossamer I’m caught in
Like a fly, or spider
In a web of if, but not when

Tied here like a sonnet
Just a bee within her precious bonnet
Eyes upon a dream that’s gone, yet
Growing ever wider
Like her cheek, and I a tear upon it

When I speak, it’s solemn
As if leaves within the bleakest autumn
Sights are set upon the bottom
Scraping like a lighter
In the shadow world you’re not in

Even though I’m trying
With a thirst in spanning deserts drying
And a pulse that’s slowly dying
Like the will of every fighter
And your name, the words of resignation that I’m sighing…


Let me be a feather
Maybe two
Or even three
And dance with lonely butterflies
…Above a rolling sea
The way you never danced with me

Let me be a wing
If I cannot
Be given two
And be the final autumn leaf
…That never fell or flew
Because I painted it for you

Let be the summer
Or the wind
Or just the rain
And sing along with all the storms
…And all the weathervanes
And all the storms that never came

Let me be your light
Or else a genie
Or a wish
And fill your heart with all things
…I know you deeply miss
The way I wish that, long ago, I told you this


Did emptiness replace the scattered rays
Where sunlight had already promised nothing ever stays
And give to us a moon we cast in grays

In this, the long expanse of diffidence
Where now and then are only measured by the difference
And what remains we mar with dissonance

And look through scattered rays to emptiness
With cups we fill with air in hopes we’ll see them empty less
For nothing ever stays, and so we carry heavy truths and fear to guess


You’re gone, and then you’re back again
You’re back, and then you’re gone
Reduce your words by lacking pen
The hourglass you fractured then
But swirling grains of you, I’ve seen before, they never linger long

You’re smiling, and then you frown
You’re laughing, then you cry
Reduce your presence and your sound
I search for clues upon the ground
This swirling hurricane of you, assures me I’m a fool to try

You’re silent, then you raise your voice
You talk, then lose your tongue
Reduce your given praise of choice
A message I, in pain, rejoice
This swirling paradox of you are songs I should’ve never sung

You’re open, then you close a door
You’re back, but never here
Reduce the light you showed before
Til I can see there’s snow in store
The swirling thoughts of you become a blizzard wherein nothing seen is clear
Reducing visibility until, there in the white, I disappear


Defend yourself with silence
Use averted eyes as armor
Use disconsolation as your holy blade

So even as my eyes wince
At the phantom pains of harm you’re
Left as echoes of the song you slowly played

Append the words with droplets
Putting points above your commas
Til continuation meets a growing pause

Til lines that offered couplets
Turned to null each new nirvana
Where your vines of gray were white when sowing laws

Ascend your self-defiance
As your hurt denies the karma
Of the wants that never were so wholly made

As I, in cold compliance
Rest inside the hollow arms of
The imaginary love you coldly bade


I did just what you told me
And I buried all the bones
Beneath the gravel and the dirt
I dug and dug until it hurt
I threw them in, and left them coldly;
Walked away alone

I did as you requested
And I hid the evidence
I burned the messages we shared
I burned them all, not one I spared
And swore, “From this, I’ve since divested”
Words of mere pretense

I did what you required
And I cleared the old debris
I scrubbed away the drying blood
And any word that spoke of love
I tossed it all into a fire
Where you couldn’t see

I did what needed doing
And I buried my concern
I dug a grave and tossed inside
The moment when my smile died
I killed the us I’d been pursuing
Chose to let it burn