I dug into the snow with cracking skin
And fingers red
I wouldn’t listen
They insisted
You were gone or you were dead

And pulling nothing forth of any worth
Or any dread
I’ve chosen you
And chosen to
See evidence in every shred

In tiny grains of sand and little stones
And frozen flakes
They told me, “No…
Just let it go…”
But you’re the dream I won’t forsake

I dug into the earth until it bled
And I beheld
A shred of truth
Idyllic proof
That in my arms you would be held

And pulling everything of any price
And any worth
I’ve chosen you
My chosen view
For any life bereft of you would be a curse



By valleys or by shadows or by rain
Or else by subtlety and so subreption
Shall I be so reflected in your eyes, never again
For rapt are you in antinomes
As I to hopes of anodynes
And each, do we recant alone
There neath the grief of saddened times
Where nothing but ourselves is an exception

To that which we would offer to reprove
Ideals bellowed – temperate in offer –
As minatory veils that exhalations show to move
And thus reveal the worried brow
That languished under bright decor
By lips that spoke that a certain now
When eyes were never quite as sure
When hands fumbled with coins and chosen coffer

By mountains or by morning or disdain
Or else by hidden hints and so evasion
Shall you be so reflected in my eyes, never again
For held am I to recompense
As you to holds of heavy leal
And each do we so oft commence
And thereto punish how we feel
And let ourselves be cause for such abrasion

As gravity we wear as if a shield
Encasing virtues – silent in their pleading –
That seek now just to bend, beneath a steady palm to yield
And thus emerge to take a breath
When stifled were the ones before
That flickered slow, in eaves arrest
But sadly, now, we can’t ignore
We’ll see us not again, with each conceding


All the alms to patience passing
There for tithes to evanesce
Those moments, now, forever less
Harkening your vision, unsurpassing

Folded in sublime decision
Woven vivid, bright as thee
Whose very sigh is a decree
Calling out for just, divine collision

Or perhaps for resignation
Though my heart wished a reveal
My lips remained forever sealed
Imparting light so that each assignation

Tips and tilts in sallow glory
Hoping once to see a life
As more than just another knife
Sharpening the blade of allegory


I guess I thought your light
Would paint me in a color bright
And make me something worthy of your sight

I guess I never knew
That with the light that came from you
The darkness of my shadow merely grew

I guess I thought your glow
Would heal the wounds I’m scared to show
And make me someone that you’d want to know

I guess I should’ve seen
That while the light you gave was mien
It couldn’t fix or scrub my shadow clean


I see you, yet, in fields of dandelions
With the sun cast as a halo,
And the clouds wearing the shadow of your wings
And so I stand with eyes on
You in awe, but ever stay low
Just to hear, if momentarily, you sing

If of praises or reprisals
If of days or nights set somber or serene
If of victories or vices
If of all the weight you wear upon your heart that’s never seen

I settle low and sketch a simple portrait
With the colors of tomorrow
While the ink of yesterday has disappeared
As naught but fragile worship
Stained in hues I had to borrow
Just to say, for but a moment, you’re revered

By word and by recital
By the efforts borne of pen and promised prose
By these decathect’s devices
Just to capture, momentarily, a single petal of a perfect rose


Alas, my queen, I see you there
Atop your silver throne
And I, it seems, am little more
Than messages erased
A long forgotten face
A heart that you’ve replaced to save your own

Alas, my dear, I saw you once
Where heaven met my tears
But I, I fear, was little more
Than wishes meant to fade
A mask in a charade
The promise that was made to disappear

Alas, your grace, I see you now
Where days are often cold
And I, disgraced, am nothing more
Than embers in the frost
The full and final cost
The path forever lost and never told

Alas, my queen, I saw you go
To where I couldn’t tread
And I, unseen, am nothing now
But words you cannot hear
When whispering, “My dear,
I weep and dream of where you never led.”


I think in your mind
You believe there’s a line
And if you back away
Far enough, then I’ll say
“It’s too far, so I guess I’ll resign.”

I guess in your head
You think I’ve made a bed
That I won’t choose to sleep in
Or silently weep in
And I’ll make a new one instead

I think in your heart
You believe that I’ll start
Giving up when I find
That to me you’re now blind
And I’ll quietly choose to depart

I know that you’re wrong
And you’ve been all along
For I’ll cross every line
In this bed that is mine
And I’ll do it while singing a song