What have I to view beyond the shore
Where once did dreams implore
And eyes still wide
And fingers soft
And left to glide
Yet linger oft
A world to thus explore
With such desire in my spirit sore

Tell me what there is beyond the ground
Of now where not a sound
Is soaring new
Or calling warm
As beauty flew
By falling storm
And left forever bound
A relic of respite no longer found

What have I to hold beyond your ghost
Clinging to the coast
Where on the day
You, drifting, sailed
I wished to pray
With lips that failed
To say what mattered most
To keep me safe, I couldn’t keep you close

Tell me what’s beyond this blue divide
Stretching far and wide
Where phantoms mourn
As much as I
And tears adorn
This crushing sky
Where waters now collide
And sing to me your loss upon the tide


Was it a cross
Or just another feather on your heart
I’m at a loss
When you, much like the weather, just depart

Why do you speak
If you know that you’ll punish my reply
Why do I seek
Hello from one who banished my goodbye?

Was it the truth
Or merely a convenient turn of phrase?
Was there a use
Believing in a lenient turn of phase?

Was it a heart
You crossed the day you told me you forgive?
Was that the start
Of when we both became too cold to live?


For when the bells of iron chime
Then on to the cathedral
Do they move along the streets to fall in line

Stop they, all the tearful toil
Standing cold and idle
Not a shift or sidle – rigid as gargoyles

With given words of ashen lecture
Symbols of compassion
Worn as fashion under dour architecture

Tying tongues in little knots
And fingers slick with tears
With the promises of years, they haven’t got


I miss you in more ways
Then there are words,
Than there are days,
Then there are verses
Proses, plays,
Than there are versions of the phrase

I miss you like a dream
And like a kiss
And like a stream
And like a wish
And like the beams
Of lunar light, or morning gleams

I miss you more than air
When in a noose
More than I dare
And more than youth
It isn’t fair
I miss you more than I can bare

Because I miss you wholly, deeply
Truly, solemnly, and sweetly
And I miss you painfully
I miss you loudly, softly, meekly
And I miss you every second
Every minute, daily, weekly
Monthly, yearly…
I miss you sadly, strongly, dearly
And I miss you so profoundly
That my heart, it beats your name
I miss you more than any poem penned could possibly explain


The words I write
Both red and blue
The words of light
Or just respite
They were, they are, for you

The songs I sing
Or never dared
The ones that sting
Because I cling
To ones, with you, I shared

The colors, I
The shades of gray
The question why
I can’t deny
For whom I choose to stay

The promise kept
And harder still
For though I wept
My heart, it leapt
For you…it ever will


You wrote with ink of gossamer
And spoke with words of bliss
You were a field of blossoms, you’re
The halo of the sun that parts the mist

Your aura glowed in summer tones
And sounded like the rain
You were the tears when one atones
The comfort of a song in new refrain

Your touch was borne of porcelain
And smile warm as spring
You were the world divorced of sin
The only chorus angels knew to sing

You looked with eyes of innocence
With thoughts as deep as tides
I hold secure to recompense
And pledge a heart to use as you decide


I saw you through the lens of who I thought you were
With eyes so very certain
That the mirror – clearly curved –
Showed the whole and perfect version
Of reality that truth could not deter

With eyes that squinted far too much to clearly see
The glaring imperfections –
Tricks of light and heresy –
To make a road of false connections
Til I thought the flaw the mirror showed was  me

So like a warped reflection that was peering back
With features cold and callous
Wounded skin, all peeling – black
And capable of only malice
Every trait appealing, I so clearly lack

And never did I think the vision could’ve shown
That what I so reviled –
Not a figure of my own –
But more the cruelty of a smile
Given when you didn’t harvest what was sown