In the wake of what we plan
Where nothing grows and nothing can
And all the acres left between us
Span the world and what they mean was
Every tiny piece of worth we feared to ever feel was left to die

Slow and slim – a sallow crest
And labored lungs in hollowed chest
That uttered something named redemption
In a world too dark to mention
Speaking still of here and now and there and then but never you or I

Or the words we thus divorce
With tilted heads and missing force
That slip between the vacant chances
That we claimed were circumstances
Moving with a wind that we could never hope to change unless we try

Something more than grains of care
And guarantees of “I’ll be there”
For what we mean, we say a fraction
Calling love an old attraction
Resting on a lonely road where stoically we just pretend it didn’t hurt to know we passed it by


Broken pieces reaching out for other broken pieces
With a hope that they can finally make us whole

But broken pieces traded leaves the same amount of pieces
That are broken in the center of the soul

Broken people reaching out to other broken people
Knowing cuts are mostly what our fingers find

Hoping that our pieces are so perfectly imperfect
That they’ll make the damage worth it when aligned


Dear, why do you think that you can run
In lands where there is not a word for hide?
As though you’d simply turn your head and call the matter done
And I would be content to not have tried

Maybe that’s the reason why you mark
Your world with lines you think no one could cross
But, dear, to you, I follow like a candle in the dark
Even when for words I’m at a loss

Dear, why do you think that you can fade
In valleys where the sun will never set?
As though you’ve found an ocean that I wouldn’t gladly wade
Or offered odds so slim I wouldn’t bet

Maybe that’s the reason why you go
Where smiles are as rare as innocence
Where eyes are only holding half the light they ought to show
And hope is held behind an iron fence

Dear, why do you think that you can wane
And leave me in the absence of your view?
As though there were a veil that had the power to contain
The light that always draws me back to you

Maybe that’s the reason why you fled
And maybe that’s the reason I should go
And maybe I don’t care how many tears I might’ve shed
And maybe that’s what love is…
…I don’t know


Ever more what none had been
More so than any other
Crucifix against the sin
As if some holy mother

With a mark upon my cheek
That wears your somber color
Lips, though parted, never speak
We, now, to one another

Even still, what couldn’t be
Like snow adrift in summer
With a glow I crave to see
In eyes that now you cover

Half an inch above the ground
Your aura seems to hover
All the same, my heart is bound
To you, my silent lover


Tell me, should we fly
To where the days
So very gray can lie
Their head upon the rays
Of errant sighs
Where you and I convey
By empathy or enmity
The epithets of ways to vie

Something made of us
Or maybe them
Securing when to must
As spring on autumn’s hem
As we adjust
And so entrust the end
Of empty needs and vanity
To words of friends, if only just

Tell me, should we be
What then became
The very same as we
Would surely call profane
An errant sea
Adrift in wreaths of shame
Where apathy and lenity
Are efforts left in strained decree

From these ragged wounds
And leaning souls
Where now the cold consumes
And riddled them with holes
As we assumed
We could resume the hold
Of blessed, free amenity
If only one of us had told the truth



The soot and sand was settling upon the silver shore
Of mine as if it’s snow upon a window pane
And offering a litany of chimes where now the wind implores
I give to it a word…a single word…a single name

The wind and rain was bellowing a fire in its chest
Where sparks became the pyre that we never meant
And asked if, in my heart and soul, I’d any secrets to divest
Of longing or of love…or else of lies and ill intent

Your song of sorrow sang to me upon the desert dunes
Where planted in the salt were little diamond seeds
But water there was but a wish that far too often life consumes
And flowers made of could-have-been delivered only weeds

My heavy hand was lingering in motions of lament
A kite string that was thinning as it met the sky
And waiting there for words that never came – for they were never sent
I tell myself it matters that you see me standing there
For though I wave, I never meant to say goodbye


I wonder if it slips
The fragile mask of you
That scale of two
Where weights are always shifting
And the parting of your lips
Are but the pieces left when sifting
Through the wreckage of the ships
You left behind when sailing through
A sea I see was never blue
And never new

I painted scenes of woe
On canvases of trust
Without a brush
In shades forever showing
Me the colors left below
But never ever truly knowing
If I see what isn’t so
Beneath the edges of disgust
For there’s so much left undiscussed
If only just

I wonder why I wait
As if, just like the sun
You’ll simply come
To me, with fears abating
With a key for every gate
And with a smile, simply stating
It was all a big mistake
And that I didn’t see you run
From what I am and what I’ve done
And have become

But here I seem to stay
Like canvases forgot
An item bought
And left here slowly graying
In your attic, tucked away
And on my knees, forever praying
Maybe this’ll be the day
But then we both know that it’s not
I’m just a fly the spider sought
And cruelly caught


Let me grow a garden just for you
Filled to overflowing with the loops of while do
Lush binary trees
With Fibonacci number leaves
That ever grow within the parametric logic while(true)

Let me put my heart into arrays
Strings of hexadecimal a console can display
Held within a try
Above a catch that could deny
With an exception given by the words you speak but never say

Let me turn my words into a sum
Hide my failing zeroes and confess you are the one
Override the switch
Delete the cases that exist
For my default condition lacking you can never offer none

Let me parse the words I’ve thus implied
Disregard exceptions where the code would not abide
Seeing, in them, you
The fragile threads created new
For when you left the way you did,
Without a fare thee well to bid
I found a heart that won’t compile when, for you, the i, by zero, did divide


Were you with me there when winter came and washed the world in white
A pixie in the painting of my phosphorescent dreams
And were you holding me the way you said you never meant to do
Beneath the day where skies of blue
Could be the last of given sight
And I would never care to ask you what it means

Were you with me there when silence sounded like a simple sigh
The momentary magic of the memories to be
And were you walking there beside me on the shores of broken shells
Where, looking back upon the trail
I saw that neither you or I
Were leaving tracks that weren’t eaten by the sea

Were you with me there when all the windows seemed to open wide
A flurry of forever cast in dandelion fields
And were you wishing on the stars I couldn’t see behind the moon
My heart of string so out of tune
My vision curtained and denied
A letter never truly sent, forever sealed

Were you with me there within the softness of a summer scene
A melody or muse or just a moment meant to be
And were you watching me and waiting as I often did for you
Beneath the fading skies of blue
Without a care for what it means
Or was your magic just a miracle you meant to give away…
…But not to me?


She was fire
Or a spark
Or just Prometheus

I was dire
I was dark
And I was weak to this

I saw an answer to a prayer
Where I’d believed for all my life that none was there
And felt a warmth that laid my feelings bare
Where for so long I’d lost the will to care

She was faithful
She was real
Or just a reverie

I was wasteful
And concealed
The wounds that severed me

I saw a candle in the clouds
Where I’d believed that light could never be allowed
And felt the warmth of it beneath the shroud
Where long I hid with head forever bowed

She was clever
She was kind
She offered sympathy

She was never
Really mine
I hide her name
In little rhymes
Her fleeting presence in my life –
It was a gift to me