You wrote with ink of gossamer
And spoke with words of bliss
You were a field of blossoms, you’re
The halo of the sun that parts the mist

Your aura glowed in summer tones
And sounded like the rain
You were the tears when one atones
The comfort of a song in new refrain

Your touch was borne of porcelain
And smile warm as spring
You were the world divorced of sin
The only chorus angels knew to sing

You looked with eyes of innocence
With thoughts as deep as tides
I hold secure to recompense
And pledge a heart to use as you decide


Run, you, my one,
To lands wherein the dreams
Within your heart
Are golden doors
That ever whirl
Into your home

Let there be sun
To bask within and streams
That never part
And glowing moors
At every turn
For you to roam

And when you’re done
A hand for you, serene,
And vivid art
To go explore
With wings unfurled
But not alone

For you, my one,
Are more than any dream
In any heart
Or any door
To any world
I’ve ever known


In hardened land, the spire glows
And far beyond the sky it rose
With iron doors to bind it closed
For what’s within uncertain
Be it treasure, hell or heaven
Magic veiled behind a curtain
Doors to days forever leaven
Or to lands accursed, burning, bleak, and froze

But not a hand has ever penned
A word of what this spire lends
If made of foes or made of friends
Or how to see within it
Or to ever truly enter
If it rises without limit
To our universes center
To a place ascendant, distant, or pretend

It rises there, beyond the vale
And deep within our every tale
Of valor, vile, fear and frail
Yet on a map it’s missing
And the stories never matching
As a fiction born of wishing
Or a fox immune to catching
With a tune bewitching, captively we’re held

But in my heart, I hold it true
As surely as the sky is blue
And deeply as I know to do
With ever more desire
For the spire ever hidden
There beyond the moor and mire
Caring not if it’s forbidden,
Or eternity it takes, if what I find inside is You


I, as any devil, do profess so often and so eloquently
Offering a promise and a passion that the world could never empty
Kneeling ever gallant, to your hand a kiss impressing ever gently
Mindful of the words and what they mean, and how to twist them consequently

I, as any devil, always offer what you long to hear me saying
Potions and elixirs, everything you ever asked with all your praying
Permanence and purpose, I can take away the pain you find dismaying
Careful to construct a sweet accord to complicate in my betraying

I, as any devil, ever dote upon your elegance and beauty
All your grace and poise and how your radiance compels and then consumes me
Swelling in my heart a seed of amorous intent you planted truly
Spoken this élan so carefully to veil the truth I’ve hidden cruelly

I, as any devil, you can trust; I never bend, you must believe me
Let me kiss your hand, my dear, and say in truth that never will you leave me
Never do I lie, but honestly, my dear, I may have to deceive thee
I, as any devil, need to hear from you the promise that you need me


What I’d give to hold your hand
And pause the hourglass’s sand
To leave my water for your land
Forever and again

A word, a whisper, and a song
A sonnet short and poem long
A smile meek, a promise strong
That never I’ll rescind

A flower, garden, and a field
My steady sword and even shield
My beating heart, so iron-willed
That e’er you can depend

My fading hope and dying breath
Whatever innocence is left
And every breath that’s in my chest
Forever and again


Skipping so as stones across the pond
Alone, along we slip as bone across the fronds
We’re gripping – oh, but not for long…

Touching so to reeds below as  light
Recedes, delighting such in deeds we know – despite
How much we know of lost respite

Holding to the one we thought could raise
The sun and chase the cold, and run distraught from days
Unfolding slowly with malaise

Waking to a scene of opened eyes
Serene as I forsake the dream of broken ties –
I’m taking solace in your guise


Dear, I’m afraid you’ve been sleeping
And sleeping so long
That I feared you might never awaken

Oh, and what secrets you’re keeping
And keeping your song
To yourself out of fear it be taken

Tell me, though, what are you dreaming
And dreaming again
When you’re not in this place? In your palace?

Is it a land of new leaning
And leaning for when
You have emptied your heart and your chalice?

Is it a world of new angles
And angles that shift
Til the world is adrift in a spiral?

Is it one tired and tangled
And tangled to shrift
What is golden and precious and vital?

Dear, I’m afraid I was seeking
And seeking so long
That I fear that I finally found you

Tired and no longer speaking
Or speaking a song
That I no longer hear or know how to

So to your chalice, I scramble
And scramble so fast
That I fear I may never retrieve it

Back to your arms do I shamble
And shamble and crash
In your heart and then beg not to leave it

For, dear, I’m afraid that we’re dying
And dying so slow
That I fear we were not really living

But tell me, just tell me you’re trying
And trying to go
To the dream that was never once mine for the giving