I closed my lips a final time Let whispers of your name Become the rhyme I never hoped to tame With wishes cold as mine I sealed them with a bit of wax Impressed them with a mark That seemed to match Your color growing stark Caressed in gold and black I closed my eyes, [...]



The cards were never certain Nor the price of sacrifice When by exchanging bits of life In hopes of finding newer versions We see enemies in this negotiation The gold that we exchange For only blinks of what we think Are merely drops of any drink From a solution growing strange Within the tainted cup [...]


How shall I describe you? Using virtues I ascribe you? With a magnifying glass To see the soul that lives inside you? With a pen or else a painting Knowing well it would deprive you Of the essence that I clearly see from my view? So then, how shall I assess The fact that words [...]


I thought of her in rainbow hues Her presence rain, and lips were dew Her skin like clouds of spring when new And eyes the deepest type of blue Like summer skies where now I flew As if a bird so borne aloft In worlds she built so morning soft And in her words, so [...]


I see you, yet, in fields of dandelions With the sun cast as a halo, And the clouds wearing the shadow of your wings And so I stand with eyes on You in awe, but ever stay low Just to hear, if momentarily, you sing If of praises or reprisals If of days or nights [...]


'Lo, though I may speak of love haphazardly With measured leave Of all my given senses Unpretentiously, you have me here and weakly on the fences To the sweetness that is you I am defenseless as a leaf Listen as I speak of love as if I knew A thing of you Or how I'm [...]