I thought beneath the shale
The hidden layers and the outer veil
I’d dig until I saw there was a person to prevail
Prepared to fail
But never once did I believe it would entail
Seeing beneath my fragile skin was only scale

I swore beneath the eyes
Was something reminiscent of a prize
To justify the reasons that I often stay disguised
But as I tried
To chip away the wall of monumental size
I saw the heart of mine was simply filled with spies

The blade began to twist
Removing fetid flesh from carapace
And all the broken pieces, there’s so many I could list
If you insist
To see a patient, and yourself a therapist
I’d say it’s everything of which I now consist

I thought beneath the skin
The broken promises and warmth of sin
I’d find the me I lost, the one I always should have been
But then again
I’m into marrow now, and all I’ve found within
Are little devils welcoming me with little grins