The day she left
I held my breath
And told myself she wasn’t really gone

Or else she was
It’s what she does
But then, she never leaves for very long

But winter came
And she was rain
And this was now a land that offered frost

I watched the snow
And held hello
Beneath the words my lips had never lost

The day I knew
Her loss was true
I told myself to hope that I was wrong

I know I’m not
And so, distraught,
I tell myself she’s not the sun, with tearful eyes that yearn to see the dawn


She stares with eyes she carved of river stones and waterfalls
Where veils of snow were made a crown
Upon her visage, looking down
And nebulas she wore about her shoulders like a shawl

Within her simple palace made of slumber, so serene
Where nightingales and idols drawn
Of sonnets sang their tidal songs
And north, her eyes, and south her heart, and shadows swam between

She carried on her shoulder pale a mark of sullen reign
With silver thread upon her wrist
Beneath a gown of autumn mist
But, ‘lo, upon a spirit frail she wore a heavy chain

Beyond the colored panes of glass where lights had never shone
Where sweetened lips and jagged teeth
Devoured heavens underneath
Her hair a waterfall, her eyes she carved of river stone


In the snow where rings of promise
Fall from fingers frail
Words of winters bleak admonish;
Ripping through our sails

In the leaves of ashes weeping
Tears of golden dreams
As we lie, abashed and sleeping
Daring not to scream

With our words on pages blurring
Faded from the flares
Of the light from candles luring
Days to deadened stares

Cast upon a ring forgotten
Neath the leaves of loss
Once a dream as soft as cotton
Sullied under moss

Where the fingers, ever searching
Dirt and old debris
Left as little more than lurching
Bent as any tree

Watching with a pain appalling
And a tired tongue
Where again a ring is falling
With a song we never should have sung


I squint my eyes to see
Pressing light to vivid blurs
To make the world before me seem at once as if it’s yours
And for a moment to pretend
That such a world could just extend
And finally see…

I press my ear to ground
Letting tone and timbre merge
To make the world beneath and that above finally converge
And for a while just to hear
The sound of life without the tears
And finally feel…

I seal my lips to words
Holding to the silent storm
To make the noise around me seem a comfort growing warm
And for a second to convey
The way it feels to never say
I never felt…

I let my feelings pour
Thick as pitch and poorly set
To make whatever efforts for redemption I have left
And with a pulse that is a quill
To pen this, my remaining will
My heart is still…


I count the grains that came before
To implore
Then explore
The time is never timely
As fallen eves before the fallen leaves

I hear what now you never spoke
Severed stroke
Never broke
I’m worried that you’re worried
By solemn needs as ever solemn leads

I felt the cut I shouldn’t feel
Couldn’t deal
Wouldn’t heal
I’m hoping that you’re hoping
The knot in me is really not in me

I wait as ever for the day
For the way
Just to say
I’m sorry that I’m sorry
Apologies for my apologies