In the tide of thought replete I find I ought delete The parts I see are not complete So in conceit Do I compete For any end but my defeat There but do I see before The facts that I ignore A set of tracks I won't explore As if a door Beyond a moor [...]



I haven't had a "thinking out loud" post in a while. The ones I had before are gone now - I generally delete them after a time. This just isn't that type of blog. Nonetheless, I find psychology a strange thing. I find my own psychology a strange thing. In that regard, I can't honestly [...]


Honestly, there's not a single soul that truly knows me And mostly because souls do not exist Even if they did, it wouldn't change how many know me For every offered part of me is mist Layers upon layers made of shadow and deception My very face a true matryoshka mask Gladly, though, I'll offer [...]


So let me try this again. I started writing this post already this morning and it turned into a poem about the new year rather than a straightforward narrative about the previous one. So what can I say about 2018? I wrote a lot of poetry. I still write a lot of poetry. At this [...]


I've wondered on the timing of this life That keeps us blind when most we needed sight That's blunt the moment that we need a knife That silent Always silent When the sound of any song would end the strife I think so much of meaning as a sum That's zero every time we need [...]


Though I seem to trace the edges till the paper tears It never brings a view color Ever darkening the image and the eyes that always stare But far away to see another And do I go turning, looking, hoping that I might see where I see only an open vista Dotted so with clouds [...]


It's fair to say that coffee's like my heart Bitter, sharp Cold and black Hard to tolerate the flavors That it lacks And you could say that coffee is like me Dark beneath Every thought Using sugar to disguise What I'm not And truthfully, it's also like my soul Often cold Rarely shared Lacking use [...]