I saw you in a chair within a room, just one of five
And though we traded glances, of my path, I kept it wide
For in the dream, I entered to reclaim a thing I’d left
But when I turned, you weren’t there. My heart reduced by simple theft.

And in a hall, another stood, and pulled me to the side
And whispering, and with a point, to me, she did confide
And said, “She’s waiting down the way, not far…just over there.”
And there you were, amidst a crowd, an angel in a plastic chair.

And all that I could think to say, and sheepishly, was, “Hi…
Some lady said you’re down here which, to me, seemed to imply
That for some reason yet unknown, you wished to have a word
If not, then clearly I read far too deeply into what I’d heard”

And so you shifted slowly, choosing words to thus relay
And finally said, “I’d like to speak with you, there’s much to say,
But first, we need to leave, for I’ve a place that we can go
And there, we’ll talk where few will see, or even think my name you know.”

But what you meant to say to me, it never came to pass
I woke with eyelids heavy from a world I couldn’t grasp
And even then I wondered if you’d ever dreamed the same
And if I’ll ever see you there…where no one even knows you know my name

First Dream, Second Dream, Third Dream, Fifth Dream