I thought beneath the shale The hidden layers and the outer veil I'd dig until I saw there was a person to prevail Prepared to fail But never once did I believe it would entail Seeing beneath my fragile skin was only scale I swore beneath the eyes Was something reminiscent of a prize To [...]



In vistas vast where rivers rolled And paper prayers were sweets they sold With kindest care, they give a gold Of wasted worth to crowds who cowered cold In simple shirts and blanket bare With hopeful hands and silent stares With tired tears and dire dares They bowed and begged to keep a coin of [...]


With windows closed And thoughts reposed Where dusk to noon does oft propose An offered rose But often those Are not the honest options chose But thus, say I, Is dust to fly For what should be is lost or nigh When cost is high We often hide Where softened thoughts would ossify To sever [...]


So, let us have our words about the year that is no longer. Of how we were...or how we are...or how we shall be stronger. Of how we left, but thus returned Or how we never should've Of injuries we know we've earned And sad farewells to "could've" So, let us share those moments spent [...]


With passion in her veins And yet a damn within her heart She, within a world of chains And fire raging even lacking spark Set with eyes to weigh A world that so disrupts the scale Of balance and of beauty made That pales to her who now I so regale Cast as if a [...]


Waters rose like ebon tides at night to so devourAll that came beforeAll that I'd builtRushing like a landslide down the slopes of missing hoursAnd I upon the shoreWas building stiltsRoaring so like demons tearing free of the abyssCrying to be freeAnd thus reproveBarreling like boulders not a blessing could dismissAnd though I stopped to [...]