You’re gone, and then you’re back again
You’re back, and then you’re gone
Reduce your words by lacking pen
The hourglass you fractured then
But swirling grains of you, I’ve seen before, they never linger long

You’re smiling, and then you frown
You’re laughing, then you cry
Reduce your presence and your sound
I search for clues upon the ground
This swirling hurricane of you, assures me I’m a fool to try

You’re silent, then you raise your voice
You talk, then lose your tongue
Reduce your given praise of choice
A message I, in pain, rejoice
This swirling paradox of you are songs I should’ve never sung

You’re open, then you close a door
You’re back, but never here
Reduce the light you showed before
Til I can see there’s snow in store
The swirling thoughts of you become a blizzard wherein nothing seen is clear
Reducing visibility until, there in the white, I disappear



I stacked a hundred stones
And tried to shrug away the pain
When looking down I saw how much my fingers bled

I merely set to shaping them
Arranging them to patterns
Til they mirrored all the words I should’ve said

Sometimes they start to tumble
And I hang my head in sorrow
But I start again, without an ounce of dread

And tell myself eventually
The labor will be worth it:
All the time and tears I tirelessly shed

It’s tedious and toilsome
And yet, I just continue
Knowing some of it will tumble from the ridge

But if this is the avenue
That leads me back to you
I’ll never stop until I finally build a bridge


What if there’s a world that isn’t here
And in it, from my life, you opted not to disappear
Where every given message was a moment giving cheer
And nightly we still both profess, “I wish that you were here”

What if there’s a morning yet to come
And in it were the words, “I can forgive the things you’ve done”
Where feeling was renewed in all the parts of us we numb
And held we to the hope that you and I could still be one

What if there’s a way to make amends
And in it, you and I could find a way to still be friends
Where keeping our beginning didn’t guarantee our end
And what we used to have was something we could have again

What if there’s a way to make it true
And all that it would take is for us both to see it through
To finally have the conversation so long overdue
So let me try to start by saying, “Tell me, how are you?”