If my nose were missing Would you treat me as if I Were just a snake forever hissing Just a pest that needs to die? ...Or would you so embrace The imperfections of my face And all the flaws I can't erase And see instead, the parts that cannot be replaced? If my hands were [...]



Words can hurt as much as heal Convey the pain and pride you feel Or else, your courage, they can steal Defend or decimate what's real Words withheld can mollify Or make us think it's all a lie Or leave us lost when asking why And silence is the one reply Words we offer mean [...]


I understand the slip The blade you held was not borne of intention I understand the drift The force that so compels The wind behind the sails of your invention I understand the sound The one that emanates from your inflection I understand the ground That saw you pivot 'round And set your feet upon [...]