She wandered in, or so I heard
I said, “How very strange…”
And later said, “well, tit for tat”
And stepped upon her range

I took a glance and went away
With no reason to tell
A word of hey, hello, or hi
Good day, or fare thee well

But then her prior passing, well
It quickly disappeared
And how bizarre a thing I thought
But knew the answer clear

So looked about and sure enough
I saw what she had done
She saw that I had seen her there
And that, she dwelled upon

So, naturally, because it’s her
She swiftly chose to block
Which seemed unnecessary since
I didn’t try to talk

And stranger since for quite a while
I knew she was there
The internet kept saying, “Hey,
you know this person here?”

But I knew we had naught to say
So why, then, say a word?
I shrugged it off since if I spoke
It’d be a thing unheard

But that’s the way she is and so
I can’t say I’m surprised
Accepting long ago we’d speak
No more as civilized

But all the same, it’s odd to me
And humorous as well
And meaningless, or meaningful
In ways to strange to tell

But to her now if I could talk
I’d say, ye little faun,
You make too much of me and mine
My thoughts today, they aren’t thine
And that which was between us once, has for a while now, been dead and gone


Set upon a mantle, under wax, within a bowl
The last remaining fragment of the heart the hunter stole
Where quandary and question bled together on a scroll
He inked in blood and ashen dust
Using a quill he dipped in rust
Searching the letters like a loop that he assumed he could control

Desolation danced within the letters neath the pen
Like echoes of tomorrow with the smirk of never when
Wearing all the garments that alluded to a then
That never matched the page before
As if a work of faded lore
Was every memory he set when’ere he read them back again

Yet, beneath the lacquer, that was but a sobriquet
For the cold conditions and the loss of yesterday,
Heard he, still, the heart, as if wasn’t dead and gray,
As if a clock with phantom gears
That played a chime nobody hears
And told a time that he desired, on a lens with no display

So, in supplication, by a moon and setting sun
Labors left, unraveled he, by what he hadn’t done
Pressing lips to wax that held a heart that beat for none
Upon a mantle and he wept
For knowing never why he kept
The dead reminder of the day that he became the thing he never could become


Have you seen the part of me
That sang the songs of you
I saw him last
Head up his ass
Strumming on a harp for thee
Proclaiming love was true

Surely now he’s dead and gone
His fervor always thin
For he is meek
And he is weak
Forever going on and on
About the “you and him”

If you see him, let him know
To come and get his shit
No need to talk
I changed the locks
I hope he tries to cross the road
And by a car, he’s hit

Let’s forget the part of me
That tried to really feel
He was a sad
Pathetic cad
Now if you’ll briefly pardon me
I need some time to heal