How far does logic lead us
And how deep does worry reach?
What good are words delivered at the lips of ministration
When we know there’s nothing true in what they preach?

I ask to know the answer
Of a question that evolves
The words of, “Are we there yet?” on a road we’re slowly paving
To a place where quandaries our work resolves

Where signs devoid of writing
Are the brightest beams of light
And every way is forward, every cut was predetermined
Otherwise, it’s simply chaos, cold, and fright

But that’s where logic leads us
To the pain of, “no one knows”
Where all the wants and wishes are a place we label heaven
And it’s somewhere none have been and no one goes


I recognize the look
That says, “I’m looking,”
But I wonder
Is she looking through the keyhole
Or the cracks?

I recognize the shift
That says she’s shifting
What she says
But does she see what I could be
Or what I lack?

I recognize the look
That says, “I see you,”
But I wonder
If she’s ever really seen me
Or she can

I recognize the way
She stands delaying
When I’m near
But does she see me as I was
Or how I am?


What could not have happened
Could have happened
Could again

Oh, what might have happened
If it happened
Tell me when

What could not have happened
Never happened
Never could

Oh, what might have happened
Can it happen
If it should?

What could not have happened
I’m uncertain
If it’s real

Oh, what might have happened
Were I certain
How I feel

What could not have happened
I’m uncertain
If I know

For, oh, what might have happened
If I pulled aside the curtain
And I peered into depths that lie below?


When was it last that you walked through the orchards
When last the winter snow danced on your tongue
When last you walked on paths lit by the fireflies and moonlight
And shadows weren’t all you had in life to live among

When was it last that night was where you traveled
And stars were little candles meant for you
When valleys filled with flowers were the only roads you wandered
When every wish you made was always certain to come true

When was it last you saw light in the tunnel
When last you rushed to see it to its end
When morning was a song the moon composed for you to rise to
When gentle words and kisses were the worst that life could send

When was it last that all the world was wonder
When dawn was just a jewel for you to wear
When last you saw yourself the way I always seem to see you
As wonderful and beautiful and just so very far beyond compare


The map is gone
The X is found
The shovels are discarded
And there’s nothing in the ground
But death to plunder

The words are said
Reaction drawn
The one has now departed
And the promise of the dawn
Is cast in thunder

The sails are torn
The anchor lost
The sight of land has faded
And the sea demands a cost
I’m going under

The dream is dead
The morning came
The facts have left me hardened
And there’s only me blame
For losing wonder