It is
Of course
To remember that we are all
We are
… …Faulty
… … …Fearful
Fragile little things
Glass eggs in a world of iron hands
Soft tongues
Navigating angry teeth
Chapped lips
Holding back words
Both gentle
And cruel
We are, all of us, imperfect moments
Hoping for perfect results
And lives made of uncomfortable compromise
Hoping for uncompromised comforts
With hands stained in yesterday’s tears
And eyes blurred by next year’s sandstorm
Living in that
… …Evanescent
… … …Ever-fading dream
Of some distant sun
From last year’s distant summer
If only for a moment
Perfect lived
And breathed
And placed its hand upon our heart
And said
If only once
Is only our breath
Held in screaming lungs
Waiting for us to
Let go
And remember
That we all take
Perfect breaths
However imperfectly”

Okay…so here’s another free-verse because of reasons A and C from the previous list of reasons that I didn’t give you. I’m going back to rhyming after this one…



Where was music playing?
Was it nothing but a chime within this music box of mine
I called a heart
I called it dark
I called it anything and everything that never could define
The melody that kept me swaying

On violins and cellos
And on harpsichords and bells and with a symphony that swells
As if an urge
Or else a dirge
I chose to listen to the words like a magician with a spell
Or how I felt when you said hello

Is there music playing
In the shadows of your glow beneath the you I wished to know
Beneath the skin
And all the sin
And all the peaks and all the valleys, all the highs and all the lows
And all the words that you were saying

With your words redacted
Like a line of ink that crossed out all the notes I’ve ever lost
And like a mist
Or else a tryst
I found myself beyond an ocean I should not have sailed across
To hear the music, and the song, and all the wonder in your heart before the symphony of you could be subtracted



I’m not the best, and not the worst
My answers calm, and well-rehearsed
I’m not the last, and not the first
I guess that puts me somewhere in the middle

I’m not the most and not the least
My visage calm but slightly creased
I’m not a famine or a feast
I guess I’m not too much or else too little

I’m not the bottom or the top
My path, like rain, was meant to drop
I’m not essential or a prop
I guess, compared to some, I’m second fiddle

I’m not the cause and not the cure
My words a gift from lips impure
I’m not untroubled or unsure
I guess I’m not the answer or the riddle


I walked for many miles with a pebble in my sole
And fed on tasteless porridge from an ever-filling bowl
I wondered, was my happiness forbidden, or discarded
Or just traded off for dreams another stole?

I rested on a bed I made of thistles and of thorns
And tried to find a hat that could conceal my devil horns
I wondered, why did roads so often lead to where we parted?
Why, for rainbows, did we have to pay a storm?

I slept for many hours having undelivered dreams
And tried to tell myself that life is more than what it seems
I wondered, when I wake, will I be right back where I started
Holding answers, but not knowing what they mean?

I drifted far away upon a ship that shouldn’t sail
And tried to make believe I didn’t bleed, and couldn’t fail
I wondered, why did many roads just lead to broken-hearted
Down an avenue of loss and fare thee well


With your eyelids closing, run, my darling,
Rest your weary heart where’er you must
Set your words adrift as if a feather in the breeze
And hide your tears and smiles if you must

Let your thoughts be rain forever falling
And your beauty paint the night in stars
Be not just a paper ship adrift in lonely seas
And if you must, then hide from me your scars

With your eyelids opening my darling
Hold whichever truth you needed most
See the calm reflection that you need the world to be
But in this world of loss be not a ghost

Let tomorrow be forever calling
And your blessed heart be not afraid
Be the loving hands that put this aching world at ease
Just know that you’re the reason why I stayed


Light was dancing with you
As a flower in a forest safe from time
Holos and reflections of the dream I still pursue
Forever deaf to the objections
That I seek an end that never would be mine

Shadows seem to tell me –
As they coalesce and gather to reveal
The tilted recollections of the world I wish to see –
That I invented new connections
Out of fantasies that never would be real

I was walking by you
Like a river in a desert running dry
Dunes of dead affection met the death of morning dew
Leaving maps of old directions
To a citadel of never in the sky

Light was there and growing
Like a blossom that tomorrow had in store
Bound for resurrection without any way of knowing
It was your impure perfection
That had led me where I’d never been before


Though I seem to trace the edges till the paper tears
It never brings a view color
Ever darkening the image and the eyes that always stare
But far away to see another
And do I go turning, looking, hoping that I might see where

I see only an open vista
Dotted so with clouds and constellations that remain
As if eternity had kissed a
Dream goodnight and ushered it into a world of stretching plains
And shackled it securely with a

Word to say the ledges that I trace could surely mean
There is moment made of closure
While the wind and I are dancing drunk upon a balance beam
And singing sweetly of composure
To the visage that I’ve ruined on a portrait that would contravene

And silently extol the ruin
Clamored for when charcoal met a world that needed paint
But thought I not, nor thought it true when,
Of the possibilites that, at a glance, were always faint
The burden of when I let you in