In vistas vast where rivers rolled And paper prayers were sweets they sold With kindest care, they give a gold Of wasted worth to crowds who cowered cold In simple shirts and blanket bare With hopeful hands and silent stares With tired tears and dire dares They bowed and begged to keep a coin of [...]



When did life Become a rusted knife A world so negatively rife That tries to cut away what's best in us? When did I Become another lie The voice atop a visage shy And every failing seems like just enough? When did we Become a tearful plea For closeness to become a sea That silences [...]


I see you standing there A disposition saying, "I don't care" And yet I hear the words you wish you share Behind the silent trepidation Asking, "Would you really dare?" I guess that it depends I hate the feeling that I've hurt a friend But if that adjective is at its end Well, then I [...]


Lacking will to thus remain Or else depart, a ghost she then became To haunt me as I haunted her With subtle words, she barely even heard And lacking any true recourse Or avenues, she chose to lack remorse And I, the same was lacking mine Like clocks with missing hands and yet they chime [...]


With windows closed And thoughts reposed Where dusk to noon does oft propose An offered rose But often those Are not the honest options chose But thus, say I, Is dust to fly For what should be is lost or nigh When cost is high We often hide Where softened thoughts would ossify To sever [...]


I hope I never see your faceAs decorated with so many tearsI dread to think of your embraceAs something that could ever disappearI hope I never hold your handA final time, or have to let it goI hate to think of your demandsReceiving less than, "Yes, I'll make it so."I wish I could forget your [...]